Your passwords are the most common way to prove your identity when using websites, email accounts and your computer itself (via User Accounts). The use of strong passwords is therefore essential in order to protect your security and identity. The best security in the world is useless if a malicious person has a legitimate user

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Avoid Remote Access Trojans or RAT Attack

You use your computer or mobile device for many everyday private or confidential tasks, which is why it is essential to take precautions to protect it from viruses and spyware. One type of spyware becoming increasingly common is known as a RAT (Remote Access Trojan), which criminals can use to access your computer or mobile device

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How to become a good software developer

It is help you become the best software developer you can be. I figured this may be useful to other folks as well and decided to share it in a blog post. #1 – Read books Smart people wrote many great books about every aspect of software development. Reading books is one of the best ways

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What is Software Engineering?

Software engineering is the application of principles used in the field of engineering, which usually deals with physical systems, to the design, development, testing, deployment & management of software systems. The field of software engineering applies the disciplined, structured approach to programming that is used in engineering to software development with the stated goal of

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